Take advantage of our services as nothing is more important than getting the best for your records.


We take control of your instrumental and vocal performances in a creative and efficient atmosphere.


We put forward your music with a professional mixdown to achieve the best possible result.


Our studio is equipped with cutting edge equipment for a professional mastering. Our team remains at your disposal to satisfy all your desires.

Stem Mastering

Stem mastering gives us the opportunity to apply changes to certain elements of your mix without affecting others, we will be able to make deeper improvements if needed, while gaining as a summing of the signal.

Apollo audio interface
Rac TK-lizer
Streak Agency

We put all the chances on our side to provide you the best delivered work!

Price list

Here are the prices we offer for your Recordings, Mixings and Masterings.


Only on demand


Mixing + Mastering

250 EUR (30 stems)

+ 5 EUR per each additional stem

Native Instruments Stem Mastering

45 EUR (1 stem)

+ 30 EUR per each additional stem

Stem Mastering

100 EUR (6 stems)

+ 10 EUR per each additional stem

Stereo Mastering

45 EUR (stereo file)